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Rhode Island Coalition of Entrepreneurs to showcase inaugural event in conjunction with the University of Rhode Island

Providence, RI – April 23, 2019 – The Rhode Island Coalition of Entrepreneurs (RICE), Rhode Island’s advocacy group for the state’s Startup Ecosystem, has announced that its inaugural Rhode Island Startup Day will take place on May 4, 2019 at the Paff Auditorium in the University of Rhode Island’s Sheppard Building in Providence. The showcase will feature seven panels covering vital topics for any entrepreneur, including: Storytelling, Fundraising, Legal and Accounting Compliance, Design Thinking, and Dealing with Failure. The event is organized by RICE, local entrepreneurs and sponsor companies throughout Rhode Island that provide support to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Tickets are available immediately and are open to students, founders and community members.

“The content for our sessions was selected by RICE membership to address specific subjects of interest in starting or running a high growth startup,” said Pat Sabatino, executive director of RICE. “We are determined to create an event that can bring immediate value to our community of entrepreneurs. We are very excited for the incredible potential the RI ecosystem has, and it’s vital that we support the intrepid individuals who are building ventures that can have a positive impact our state and beyond.”

Thanks to the generous support of Rhode Island Startup Day sponsors, which are led by the University of Rhode Island, tickets for the event are only $25. Sponsors include Cox Business, CommerceRI, Company Launch Partners, Howell Legal, Innovate Newport, Matter, Pangea.app, Rouge Venture Partners and Virgin Pulse.

For a full schedule, speaker list, and registration, please visit the Startup Day Page

About RICE: The Rhode Island Coalition of Entrepreneurs believes that Rhode Island is a great place to start a business. We want to foster a community that inspires and enables individuals to recognize and act upon opportunities that exist here in the Ocean State by facilitating close collaboration and mentoring between entrepreneurs. We strive to be an entrepreneurial catalyst for Rhode Island by aggregating resources, talent, and networks into an effective and accessible body.

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