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We are a coalition of Founders and CEOs of start-ups working to facilitate collaboration and unification among the entrepreneurial community of Rhode Island while representing a united voice in the spirit of expanding economic opportunity and innovation across the state.

About RICE

The Rhode Island Coalition of Entrepreneurs believes that Rhode Island is a great place to start a business. We want to foster a community that inspires and enables individuals to recognize and act upon opportunities that exist here in the Ocean State by facilitating close collaboration and mentoring between entrepreneurs. We strive to be an entrepreneurial catalyst for Rhode Island by aggregating resources, talent, and networks into an effective and accessible body.

We aim to aggregate physical, intellectual, and financial capital to assist new companies that want to start and grow in Rhode Island, which will lead to new direct and indirect employment opportunities for Rhode Islanders. By enabling innovative companies to get off the ground we will motivate talent retention. We want the money Rhode Island startups raise to be spent in-state when possible.

To fulfill this mission we will work to develop the workforce by bringing employment opportunities to the state. We want to convince a higher number of talented individuals to remain in state in order to contribute to the overall economic growth and opportunity development of the region.

The coalition will vocalize the needs of the Rhode Island entrepreneurial community to advocate for partnerships with state and local government, corporations, and Rhode Island institutions. We believe that the development of partnerships across communities and industries is vital to the overall economic growth and success of the state.

We, the Rhode Island Coalition of Entrepreneurs, pledge to strive dutifully to fulfill and realize these aforementioned goals.

Our Leadership

  • Pat Sabatino - Executive Director
  • Adam Alpert - Associate Director
  • Neal Fine - Associate Director
  • Matt Lukens - Associate Director
  • Annette Tonti - Membership Director

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Are you a founder or CEO of a start-up operating in Rhode Island? Whether you’re working in internet tech, energy, food services, med-tech, farming, or any other sector, we want you on board! Please fill in the following form, and we’ll get in touch ASAP.

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Interested in getting in touch with RICE for press, strategic partnership, or other reasons? Drop us a line letting us know what you'd like to talk about, and we'll be happy to get back to you.